Sunday, August 7, 2011

Could this be Yosemites Park?

This is a quote from the "Zohar" about the final redemption.

"And a voice will be awakened in thunder and lightening, and the earth will be horrified from this voice, and armies and camps will die from it. And on that day a fire flame will awaken in the big city of Romi when it will hear the voice that awakened the earth, and the fire flame will burn skyscrapers and halls, and the skyscrapers will crumble and many princes and ministers will fall that day. No one from humanity will be able to be saved. From that day till 12 months, the kings will consult one another and they will place decrees to obliterate Am Israel and will succeed. And this is why they said,” Fortunate is the man that was there, and fortunate is the man that was not there." And the entire world will be gigantically confused."

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